dinsdag 31 maart 2015

Is this the best she can do?

Queen Maxima talks at Yangon University about inclusive finance and the use of mobile phones and internet banking as blessing to the rural poor. She said that people who have a small income would profit greatly from improved access to financial services, so they can transfer money easily and safely. 
It is also useful, the Queen said, for putting aside savings for pensions or to compensate for business setbacks. She did acknowledge that trustworthy financial services are required for a financial system to work properly. 
She told the students that they are the generation of the mobile revolution.

The Queen did not mention the other revolution that the students are ibvolved in in Myanmar: the struggle for a more inclusive society, with democratic freedoms for all Myanmar citizens.

Although we understand that she is not in a position to make political statements, we would have expected her to at least express her solidarity with the arrested students and their families, who are again going through the ordeals that were so familiar during the dictatorship. If only from a humanitarian point of view, as representative of the Dutch people.

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